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Terms and Conditions for Casino Affiliate Traffic

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Terms and Conditions
for Casino Affiliate Traffic

Please read these terms and conditions ("Agreement") carefully before participating in the casino affiliate program ("Program") as an affiliate ("Affiliate"). By participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not participate in the program.


To enroll in the Program, you must complete the application form accurately and provide all required information.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any application at our sole discretion.

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Program.

Affiliate Responsibilities

As an Affiliate, you agree to promote our casino website(s) by using the provided marketing materials and unique tracking links.

You are responsible for ensuring that your promotional activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

You may not promote our casino website(s) through any illegal or unethical means, including but not limited to spamming, malware distribution, or any other form of fraudulent activity.

Fraudulent traffic refers to any transactions, deposits, withdrawals, revenues, or traffic generated through illegal means or actions carried out in bad faith with the intent to defraud us (as determined solely by us).

This includes activities such as the use of stolen credit/debit cards, collusion, manipulation of the service or system,abusive utilization of bonuses or promotions, creation of false accounts to generate affiliate earnings, and unauthorized use of third-party accounts, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights (including our own).

Should we determine any activity to be fraudulent traffic or in violation of this agreement, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to take the following actions:

  1. Recalculate the affiliate earnings considering the suspected fraudulent traffic or violation.
  2. Delay the payment of affiliate earnings while conducting an investigation to verify the relevant transactions.
  3. Cancel your affiliate earnings.

Please note that these actions will be determined by us based on the circumstances and severity of the fraudulent activity or contravention.

You will be solely responsible for any content you create or distribute in connection with the Program.

Commissions and Payments

You will earn commissions based on the agreed-upon commission structure, which will be outlined in a separate agreement.

Commissions will be paid on a regular basis, subject to a minimum payment threshold and any applicable deductions or adjustments.

Commission payments will be made in the agreed-upon currency and through a payment method< determined by us.

Minimum withdrawals for affiliates is €500 for wire/€100 for crypto or the equivalent. Should you have earned a lesser amount, the money will remain pending in the system until you have earned enough money for us to process the cashout.

We reserve the right to withhold or delay commission payments if we suspect any fraudulent activity or violation of this Agreement.

Tracking and Reporting

We will provide you with unique tracking links to monitor the traffic and conversions generated from your promotional activities.

You agree to use the provided tracking links accurately and not modify or tamper with them in any way.

We will provide access to an online reporting system for you to monitor your performance and commission earnings.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademarks, logos, and marketing materials, remain our property.

You may only use our intellectual property materials for the purpose of promoting our casino website(s) as specified in this Agreement.

You may not alter, modify, or reproduce our intellectual property materials without our prior written consent.


Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason by providing written notice to the other party.

We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement immediately and without notice if we suspect any fraudulent activity or violation of this Agreement by the Affiliate.

Upon termination, you must cease all promotion of our casino website(s) and remove any provided marketing materials.

Limitation of Liability

We make no warranties or representations, express or implied, regarding the Program or the casino website(s).

We will not be liable for any damages, losses, or expenses arising out of or in connection with your participation in the Program.


We reserve the right to modify this Agreement at any time, and the modified terms will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. It is your responsibility to review this Agreement regularly.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which we operate.

Any disputes arising under or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that jurisdiction.


By participating in the Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by this Agreement.

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